Privacy Policy


Andal provides an innovative cloud-based HRIS solution named Andal Kharisma which is integrated with a mobile apps called Andal Connect. By using Our software/services, You agree that We can use Your data in accordance with Our applicable Privacy Policy for all software users and visitors to Our site/web. Our Privacy Policy regulates user personal data including collection, use, processing, disclosure, and protection.
We reserve the absolute right to change, delete, and/or add new terms to this agreement from time to time.

Personal Data We Collect

Personal data regulated in the Privacy Policy aims to identify users through data such as name, place & date of birth, gender, email, telephone number, address, KTP/Passport, blood type, company name, position, social media accounts, biometrics , bank accounts, areas of expertise, and other job information.

Collection of  Your personal data can be done by the following activities:

1. When You access Our software/service for the first time by filling out the registration form.

2. When You use the software/service as a company representative, You will fill out the form on the provided page. The details of personal data required include company name, organizational structure, company, position name, email, employee name, bank account data, photo, salary nominal, and employee ID card and passport number.

3. Your personal data information can also be collected through third parties based on Your consent.

4. When You want to record attendance through Our software/services, You will be asked to allow Us to access Your location information including Your IP address and GPS (Global Positioning System). To the extent that You allow Us to access location information through Your software, We will only use that data to determine Your location for accurate attendance records. You can choose not to allow Us to access Your location information since the access request is received. You can still use Our software/services, but the use of some features will be limited.

Purpose of Data Collection

Your personal data that We collect is used for the following purposes:

To Communicate With You

1. We collect Your personal data to provide support services while You are using Our software/services. For example, when You need help and fill out the personal data form on the 'Help' page, We will use Your data to respond to the request by contacting You via email, telephone or other communications.

2. We will use Your personal data collection to contact You regarding marketing purposes according to Your preferences, including telemarketing calls, sending marketing emails that We believe may be of interest to You, such as product promotions, details of upcoming events, or educational materials. We also use Your personal data to send information regarding software/service updates or policy changes.

For Administrative Purposes

1. We use Your personal data to process Your account registration in Our software/services.

2. Verify and analyze the service submissions that You provide.

3. Provide information in the form of processes and payment mechanisms through bank accounts.

4. Process the payroll of Your company's employees in accordance with the period dates that You have informed to Us.

To Plan and Manage Events

We use Your personal data for planning and managing events related to Our software/services, including registration and billing of event fees (if any).

For Software/Service Upgrades

1. Your personal data that We collect is used for the purpose of upgrading and repairing software/services. We may ask for Your feedback regarding Your experience while using Our software/services.

2. We can use your personal data to provide additional services that You need and can be used from time to time

To Provide Better Experience of Using Software/Service

1. We collect and process Your data to use, receive, store, reproduce, modify, and create derivative works, so that the content We present can work better through the software/services You use.

2. We use Your personal data to provide a good software/service experience by displaying products, features or content according to Your preferences.

For Your Safety during the Use of the Software/Services

We may use Your personal data to detect technical problems with the website or software/services You use, identify and investigate security issues, fraud or other illegal activities.

For Legal Purposes

If there is activity that violates legal provisions, We will use and process Your personal data for legal purposes in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Personal Data We Collect from Third Parties

Your personal data that We collect is also obtained from third parties. Data such as name, email, telephone number, company name, title, company address, and employment history. The purpose of collecting Your personal data is to identify new customers, create marketing advertising materials, improve website performance, and send marketing emails.

Data Disclosure

The data disclosures that We do to, as follows:

1. Your company, including members of Finance or Human Resources (HR) or other important members.

2. Our affiliates or vendors, for the sake of developing better software/services.

3. Third Parties who work with Us in providing services, including professional advisors, legal advisors, financial advisors, external auditors, and other consultants.

4. The bank, for the payment and employee payroll that has been agreed upon.

5. Government authorities or competent bodies, including the police, labor agencies, courts, or international government agencies. This action is necessary for legal purposes in accordance with applicable laws, protecting and defending Our rights or property, or protecting the interests of users of Our software/services.

6. Other companies, if the software/service provider experiences a merger, acquisition, business transition, or sale of all or part of its assets to another company.

Legal Rights to Your Personal Data

You have legal rights over Your personal data that We collect. These rights include:

1. You have the right to access your personal data, including updating, deleting and making corrections to Your wrong personal data. We will ask for your detailed explanation and first verify the data regarding your request for correction of Your personal data.

2. Restrict and refuse the processing of Your personal data for marketing purposes of software/service providers.

3. Receive a copy of Your personal data in electronic format.

4. Knowing the source from whom We get Your personal data.

5. Stop following marketing communications by clicking 'unsubscribe' on the marketing email sent or by contacting Us directly.

6. File a complaint against the protection and use of Your personal data.

Data Retention and Deletion

We will store Your personal data as long as You use Our software/services so that You can take advantage of the available software/service features. As an innovative HRIS solution provider, We store Your data related to payroll records, retirement plans, health information, and other data to support a more efficient payroll process. We will also delete Your data after You stop using Our software/services.

International Data Transfer

Our operational activities are carried out in Indonesia, including the transfer of Your personal data. However, We may also process and transfer data in Your home country while still complying with the laws and regulations in force in Your home country.

Third-Party Privacy Policy Terms

To the extent that We cooperate with third parties for the purposes specified in this privacy policy, third parties may collect personal data or information about You through software/services that allow third parties to collect or share information about you. Before providing personal data to third parties, We ask You to read and re-check the third party's privacy policy. To the extent that You consent to third parties accessing, updating and changing Your personal data, You agree that We will facilitate the access, updating and changing of that personal data.

Your Consent

You acknowledge that You have read, understood and agreed to this privacy policy while You are using Our software/services. You also agree that We store, process, transfer and delete Your personal data.

Personal Data Security

We always try to provide an adequate security system to protect Your personal data from illegal collection, processing, use, disclosure, copying and modification. We advise You to remain vigilant about security information sent over the internet. You are responsible for the security of Your personal data while using Our software/services.

Errors in protecting Your personal data caused by negligence are beyond Our control and responsibility.

Contact Us

If you have comments regarding this privacy policy, you can contact us via the contact below.

Address: Roxy Mas Blok D1 No.28 Jl. KH. Hasyim Ashari, Jakarta 10150, Indonesia.