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More Productive, Less Administrative Work

Using the concept of real time processing, Andal Kharisma makes HRIS work easier for your company, so employees can focus more on their jobs.



Shifting from HR Tech to Work Tech

Real Time

Andal Kharisma calculate payroll in real time. There two event to drive the payroll calculation:

1. Attendance. After employee clock out, Andal Kharisma will calculate daily allowance.
2. Cut off date. After the cut off date, Andal Kharisma will calculate tax and take home pay for every employee.

24/7 System Running

Processing for payroll calculation will lock the system to avoid data entry, Andal Kharisma will run 24/7 since there is no locking system, due to no process.

Easy to Integrate to Other Systems

Various Attendance Machine

Andal Kharisma has an interface to attendance machine such as finger print, face recognition, and others attendance machine, which using SQL database.

Other System

Andal Kharisma has an API to synchronize with HR system and API to integrate to ERP system.

Advance Analytical Tools


Andal kharisma provides analytical data that can be view in graphical form.

Pivot Table

HR and payroll data can be view in pivot table so that user can analyse the HR data thoroughly.

Data Security

Two-Step Verification

User log-in can be set to two-step verification using google authentication to avoid fraud.

Redundance Data Center

Andal Kharisma database is installed in more than one data center, and if the data center is down then other data centers will take over the operation, at no downtime.