Do Your Employment Activity in Your Palm

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Empowering Your Employee

Reducing Employee Data Error

Empowering employees to manage his/her own data.

    Manage Your Employment Activity in Your Palm

    Employee can do leave request, permit, attendance, medical claim in a single application.

    Smart Attendance

    Various Attendance Machine

    Andal connect will remind employees to clock in or clock out if he/she forget to do so.

    Reminder will minimize incomplete attendance data.

    Three Modes of Attendance

    1.Fixed Location. Employee is set to clock in/clock out in one specific location.
    2.Multi Location. Employee can clock in/clock out in more than one defined location.
    3.Anywhere. Employee can clock in/clock out in any location with self-photo in the location and approval will automatically send to his/her supervisor.

      Easy to Reconcile

      Real Time Daily Allowance

      System will automatically calculate the daily allowance right after the employee performs attendance.

      Monitoring Approval

      Employee can track their approval request.

      Supervisor can do approval from Andal Connect.