About Andal 

Andal is a provider of HRIS solutions in the form of a cloud-based system called Andal Kharisma which is integrated with a mobile app called Andal Connect. Before presenting an integrated payroll system, we started our business journey in 1988 under the name PT. Grahacendekia Inforindo. Implementing custom software business, PT. Grahacendekia Inforindo makes software based on customer needs.

With more than 10 years of experience in the software industry, we began to focus on developing payroll systems in 2001 by launching first product, Kharisma Win. In order to achieve Andal's vision, "Provide innovative HRIS solutions to increase customer productivity by using technology", we will continue to innovate in developing HRIS systems for the ease of work of its users.



Established in 1988 under the name PT. Grahacendekia Inforindo, a company that made software based on customer needs or called as ‘custom software’.


Changing the business model to packaged software,  we decided to change the company name from PT. Grahacendekia Inforindo to Andal. Furthermore, Andal launching its first product, named Presisi, a software for accounting.


Seeing the increasing needs of packaged software, Andal decided to launch another products such as Andal POS, a software for point of sales, and SIAP, a software for pharmacy management.


Launched another packaged software products, such as Saudagar, a software for managing trades, Konsultan PPh, a software for calculating PPh21, and Smart GL, a second generation of Presisi with more complete features.


Andal changed the business model from packaged software to enterprise software and began to focus on developing payroll software. Kharisma Win is the first payroll software launched.


Andal decided to change the business model by creating a software package for Payroll only, which was named Andal PayMaster.


Andal Paymaster 2004 was well received by the market. In 2008, Andal Paymaster 2008 was launched which is the second generation of Andal Paymaster. 


As technology develops, Andal then presents a cloud-based HRIS (Human Resource Information System) application called Andal Kharisma and which is integrated with mobile apps called Andal Connect.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Provide innovative HRIS solutions to increase customer productivity by using technology. 

Our Mission


Building human resources that are innovative and solution-oriented through a collaborative, creative and sporty environment.


Evaluate and improve sustainable business processes.

Company Value


People who are responsible for their work and result oriented. Accountable and take ownership of personal responsibility in all business dealings and decision making.


Maximizing all capabilities to think, imagine, and try new things as a challenge. Try to find a way out and think of bright ideas as a new way of solving a problem.


Recognize and understand each other's strengths in order to achieve goals or solving the problems encountered. Collaboration can work well if everyone in it has humility.


Create a positive environment for discussion by being open and appreciative of any opinions from others. Andal believes that humble person will always learn from anyone and can collaborate to produce something bigger.

Meet Our Director

"We want to help other companies to grow"

Indra Sosrodjojo

Director of Andal

During its 34 years of existence, Andal has had the tagline 'Helping Others Grow' which has been used as the basis of the company's culture. This tagline means that to make Andal an advanced and growing company, it starts with helping employees in it first, then customers and those around Andal.

The tagline 'Helping Others Grow' is also applied as a basis for making a product. Evidenced by the presence of Andal Kharisma and Andal Connect as new innovations and breakthroughs that will encourage companies to grow through more efficient work with the help of the latest technology.