The New Way of Managing HR

HR Tech to Work Tech

As a result for technological development and the presence of remote working trend, workplace need to advance technology design to implement the new way of managing hr or what we called Work Tech.

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It's Time to Evolve Into Work Tech

In this era of technological development and the presence of remote working trend, HR administration work that is done manually or what is called HR Tech is no longer relevant.

Today, the need for technology that can facilitate work remotely is urgently needed. This is what Work Tech is all about. Andal introduces a new product that carries Work Tech and is cloud-based called Andal Connect.

Transformation from HR Tech to Work Tech

HR Tech

Employees need to meet face-to-face to submit physical evidence of medical claims, such as receipts and other documents.

Submitting a business trip must use physical documents and takes time for approval.

SPL (Surat Perintah Lembur) still uses physical documents and is made every time an employee works shifts.

Presence attendance requires employees to come to the office.

Work Tech

Employees can upload proof of medical claim documents via mobile apps without the need to come to the office.

Submission of business trips and approvals can be done via mobile apps.

SPL (Surat Perintah Lembur) can be generated automatically to make it easier for employees who work shifts regularly. 

With mobile apps, presence attendance can be done anywhere according to the specified location point. 

Our Products

Real Time

There is no waiting time to process. Payroll will be calculated right away.

24/7 System Running

No locking time for processing.

Faster Payments

Salaries can be sent directly to each employee's bank.

Smart Notifications

Automatically sending notifications if the employee has not made an attendance presence.

Auto SPL (Surat Perintah Lembur)

Automatic SPL (Surat Perintah Lembur) for employees who work on overtime shifts.

No Locking Time

Payrolls are calculated in real time, so the application can be accessed any time without any downtime.

Dedicated to Help Other Companies

Since 1988, Andal has continued to innovate as a solution for various industries by providing software that helps make work easier.



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What Our Client Says About Andal

Dos Ni Roha

"Before using Andal PayMaster, the payroll process could take up to 7 days. After using Andal PayMaster, the payroll process is shorter and can be completed in just a matter of hours. Apart from that, Andal is also supported by a support team that is ready to help kindly."

Andy Thomas

Compensation & Benefit Manager

Politeknik Manufaktur Astra

"During implementing Andal PayMaster as a payroll system, there were several perceived advantages, such as provision and good assistance at the start of implementation, as well as after sales service. Apart from that, it also has a rigid structure, but is user friendly."

Budi Hartono

Ka. Dept. Pelayanan Umum & SDM

Gelora Bung Karno

"Andal PayMaster can accommodate the payroll system for both private and government companies, but still paying attention to the latest government provisions & regulations, both from the tax side to BPJS. The management of this database facilitates integration & implementation, resulting in accurate & transparent information."

Ram Syamsul Yulias

Kasubdiv TI. Adm. & Keuangan Pusat Pengelolaan Komplek
Gelora Bung Karno